It goes without saying that all our instructors are appropriately qualified to the highest recommended standards and in many cases, far beyond. In addition, all of our instructors are subject to annual skill reviews to ensure that their knowledge and teaching techniques remain at an outstanding level, staying up to date with new techniques and information on current guidance and legislation.

Our teaching materials are also subject to constant evaluation, either for improvement purposes or to ensure we incorporate any changes in guidelines. Finally, every student on every course provides a feedback form, so you don't have to take our word for our quality, you can hear it from your own staff.

As with any organisation of our size, you are also safe in the knowledge that we have all the correct insurances, policies and quality procedures in place to meet your requirements. Again, you don't have to take our word for this as we have been approved by various county councils and industry-specific bodies. By delivering our own courses, we're 100% accountable for everything we do, and it means we're able to be flexible in our approach, amending courses to meet our clients' needs.

We are an accredited member of the First Aid Industry Body [FAIB], as are ALL our instructors. Among other benefits this accreditation provides for external third-party audits to objectively assess all areas of our operation. This not only involves a second level of scrutiny on qualifications and insurances, but it also means we are subject to 'spot audits' on our course paperwork, insurances and teaching materials.

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