Our Story

Little Wing was formed following a family tragedy in late 2010 when we lost our son Henry, aged only 25 days. While much of that time is now a blur, the actions we took before help arrived remains crystal clear in our minds. I had been previously trained in First Aid and acted quickly to do all I could to give Henry the best chance of survival, including carrying out CPR for several minutes before the first paramedic arrived. In looking back, while in this instance our actions did not change the outcome, we know that we did everything in our power to give Henry the very best chances of survival. This knowledge has, in part, helped us slowly come to terms with our heartbreak, yet it also raised the question of:

"what if we did not know what to do?"

Without any First Aid training, it's clear we would have been helpless for that period, waiting for the ambulance and it would be difficult to see how we would ever have forgiven ourselves for not knowing what to do in that moment. Furthermore, if for some reason we were not present - perhaps depending on grandparents, aunties or uncles who may have been babysitting, and they did not know what to do. The level of guilt which they may have placed on themselves, would have been unimaginable.

Creating an enduring memory to Henry

We were frankly surprised that in our immediate family and friendship group, how few of us actually had any workable First Aid knowledge. Little Wing was born out of our deep aspiration to change this, by increasing the overall knowledge about First Aid. We wanted to create something new to act as an enduring memory to Henry which provides a truly outstanding product to the commercial world and uses the benefits of that business to provide free community based training.

Save lives and build a fairer and more inclusive society

Therefore, at Little Wing we use our commercial work to fund First Aid training for the community, completely free of charge. We provide meaningful opportunities for organisations not only to train their own people but directly benefit the communities they serve. Every First Aid course we sell helps us continue training those in need, ensuring they build knowledge and confidence, gaining potentially lifesaving abilities. By investing in one of our courses, you are helping us to save lives.

First Aid is nothing to be scared of. After all, you are most likely to use your skills on a family member or a loved one, and it is a simple skill which can be learnt by anyone willing to commit a few hours of their time. We can only hope that you never need to use First Aid, but it's a skill that can save a life, should the worst happen.

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