We know that regardless of the broader benefits of training with Little Wing, price will always be important. We continually review our costs with a balanced view between low price and the right quality.

All our clients have unique needs. As such we do not have a one size fits all culture and that includes price. Cost can have many driving factors including geography, volume, location access, administrative burden, payment terms and more. As such, we do not want to fall into the trap of publishing a standard price - as we do not believe there is such a thing as a standard client.

We can however give you our promise that we will always take a fair approach to pricing. Unless you specifically instruct us not to, we will also assume that you are considering joining Little Wing, at least in part, to help us continue our Community Training Programmes.

We are not striving to be the cheapest - although we routinely find that we are very competitive in the marketplace. We are striving to offer you an outstanding product, delivered by experienced instructors and great value while sharing in the support of our ongoing community programmes.

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