At Little Wing we offer a range of
First Aid courses to meet almost every need.

Our courses can be broadly split into Workplace, Paediatric and Other.

Workplace First Aid provision is guided by the Health and Safety Executive [HSE]. Guidance is provided against a backdrop of numbers of employees and levels of risk. The HSE provide minimum syllabus guidelines for the two recognised courses - the one-day Emergency First Aid at Work [EFAW] and the three-day First Aid at Work [FAW]. While the main qualifications are valid for three years, the HSE strongly recommend that all qualified First Aiders receive annual refresher updates.

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Paediatric First Aid is useful in any setting where younger children will be present and provision is guided by Ofsted and the Early Years Foundation Stage [EYFS]. As with workplace First Aid, a minimum standard syllabus is defined and the two main courses are the one-day Emergency Paediatric First Aid [EPFA] and the two-day Paediatric First Aid [PFA]. As with workplace training, the main qualifications are valid for three years, however Ofsted/EYFS also recommend annual refresher training.

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There is then a range of other courses which we can offer. For these courses there is no prescribed national syllabus and as such the content can be adjusted to meet the end customer's needs. These courses can include Basic Life Support [BLS], Automated External Defibrillator [AED] and Anaphylaxis/EpiPen training.

The other consideration is mode of delivery. We firmly believe that face to face is without doubt the best form of teaching. It provides a level of engagement throughout the day and offers students the opportunity not only to practice their skills but to openly interact with our experienced instructors and fellow learners.

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Where appropriate, we can also accommodate remote learning. This training can be either passive or active. Passive remote learning is where the student is self-taught through interaction with a software package - with progress being assessed throughout by regular pre-set questions. Active remote learning is where teaching still takes place in a live group with an instructor, but via a video-based meeting tool such as Zoom.

If necessary, some portion of all our courses can be delivered using a blend of remote and face to face methods.

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