Community Training

Little Wing was born from a tragic ordeal, with our founder losing his son at the back end of 2010, aged only 25 days. Some comfort has since been gained from the knowledge that his son received immediate First Aid that night, providing the best possible opportunity for survival. You can read more of Our Story here.

As part of our resolute mission to continuously improve the standard of First Aid using our clinical experience, we strive to deliver knowledge, confidence and potentially lifesaving abilities and preventing tragic heart-rending situations from worsening. It is through our long running partnerships with our clients that we work together to deliver our community training programmes.

This is the heart of our business. We bridge the gap between the corporate business or public sector and the communities they operate in. At Little Wing, we run a wide range of entirely free community-based training programmes, including face to face sessions with parent groups, schools and nurseries. We also provide engaging, informative and memorable remote access video-based courses. We are committed to widening First Aid knowledge wherever we can, by whatever means.

Our Community Training Programme covers all the basics of primary care, including patient assessment, CPR (adult and paediatric) and choking. These are the basic skills which could provide that critical help to an injured adult or child in the precious moments before help turns up; the possible difference between life and death.

We would be happy to work closely with you to create your own Community Training Programmes to meet your organisation's goals and objectives better. This may include focusing on a particular geographic area, local schools or demographic groups that are deeply connected to your organisation. This could also include material specific to your organisation being made available throughout the community training.

If you are reading this and represent a community group, or you are interested in receiving our training, please get in touch with our friendly team today. We are always looking for new opportunities to expand our programmes.

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