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We have come a long way since our first course in 2011. We are now an established, market leading, business to business First Aid training organisation. We believe our continued growth and success has been the result of our commitment to our CORE PRINCIPLES

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Before establishing Little Wing, our founder [David] had nearly two decades of experience as a Procurement Consultant working at the highest levels in business both in the UK and the USA. As a result of his experience, he has instilled a culture of outstanding customer service in Little Wing - the knowledge of what larger organisations need in terms of cost effective, high quality, enterprise-wide solutions is part of what sets us apart from the field.


It's not just what we teach; it's how we teach. This is not a 'throw-away' statement; it is something we passionately believe in. We teach confidence, not only competence.

We teach 'real life' First Aid. Early in the development of our business, it became obvious to us that who delivers our training makes an enormous difference to the outcome of what we have taught. As a result, we have built our instructor network around our core belief that real life experience is the key.

In practice this means that while we always teach the full syllabus, we know the areas to concentrate our efforts on. We will not focus time on teaching you how to tie the 'perfect' knot on a bandage or how to apply a sling - we will however teach you [and drill you] on how to manage a choking child or a work colleague who has stopped breathing - it is this focus that delivers our fantastic outcomes.


With Little Wing, high standards are guaranteed. Not only do we maintain all appropriate registrations and insurances, but all our courses are updated, as required, to meet the latest guidelines from either HSE, Ofsted, EYFS or the UK Resuscitation Council, which will also satisfy your legal obligations as an employer.

A critical part of our ongoing quality management is subjecting ourselves to external, third-party auditing by the First Aid Industry Body with whom we - and ALL our instructors - are registered.


While First Aid training is not typically a 'high spend' element in any business P&L, it's an integral part of the safe running of a company from a legal point of view. We recognise the need to retain excellent value in all our pricing. By utilising our client's premises and keeping our overheads low, we believe that our costs will always remain very competitive, especially when our experienced instructors, custom-designed courses and free community programmes are added into the equation.


Working closely with our partners, we maximise our collective impact. Following our belief that everyone should have access to quality First Aid training, Little Wing funds free community based First Aid courses. These programmes would not be possible without the continued support of our commercial clients. We know, from feedback, that these courses have been directly instrumental in saving lives - with your help, this work can continue for years to come.

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