We are an organisation focused on clinical excellence - our founder [David] is an experienced Paramedic Practitioner and with the support of our outstanding instructors, we are constantly reviewing the way we deliver our product. Our course delivery is not only evidence-based but is enhanced by our collective real-life experience of managing literally thousands of emergencies between us. But it's the strong clinical backbone running through our organisation that truly sets us apart from competitors.

What we teach is driven by the national syllabus guidelines [which we take as a minimum requirement]. From that syllabus, as a base, we use our clinical skills and real-life experiences to develop our teaching materials.

Some would have you believe that First Aid is an advanced skill and as such make the teaching more complicated [and less engaging] than it needs to be. Over the years we have developed a simple approach to teaching which we believe allows nearly anyone to become competent and more importantly confident in the use of First Aid.

We do not overly complicate issues. We focus on the key areas of the syllabus which we know, from our experience, have the greatest impact on outcomes. We don't just teach what to do, with plenty of 'hands-on' time in each course, but we teach why you do it. This leads to greater confidence and understanding - and embeds the knowledge in our learners.

We also advocate for the shortest duration of training appropriate for your working environment but backed up by regular refresher training. We believe that regular, shorter and focused training results in higher competence and confidence in your First Aiders.

Our instructors are a certain type of 'people person', sharing in the wider objectives of Little Wing and ensuring that the course is fun, highly engaging, relaxed and memorable. In addition to the 'people' aspect, we have become convinced that the best instructors are those who have actual 'real-life' experience of what they are teaching. It's all very well having a 'book trained' instructor who is technically very knowledgeable, but many of our tutors are [or have been] within the NHS, front line emergency services or first responders. It's their invaluable experience that takes the learning environment to the next level.

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